Mark Saint

Director of Curriculum and Learning



Community Violence Intervention Policing
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Mark Saint is the Director of Curriculum and Learning for the Crime Lab and Education Lab. In this role, Mark works with municipalities, NGOs, partners, and community organizations to help them strategize. facilitate and implement data-informed practices to achieve their missions.

Prior to coming to the Labs, Mark contributed his experience in communications, strategic leadership, organizational management, and cultural development to develop social policies and lead organizations for measurable, sustainable, and scalable social change in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Mark matriculated in English and Philosophy at SIUC and Northwestern University and holds a MACE from North Park Theological Seminary.

Mark’s Projects
CVI Leadership Academy

CVI Leadership Academy

The Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy (CVILA) was established to develop the CVI sector by providing aspiring CVI leaders with the skills necessary to tackle leadership obstacles throughout their careers.