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Analytics Manager (Data Analysis)

The UChicago Crime Lab and Education Lab are seeking an experienced Analytics Manager (Data Analytics) with strong technical skills to work on large-scale social policy experiments designed to test the effectiveness of youth violence prevention and educational interventions. The Analytics Manager will work on a small portfolio of analytic projects across the areas of both criminal justice and education, develop and manage processes and procedures for collaborative data access and use, support broader organizational development activities, and manages other analysts.


Data Scientist

The University of Chicago Crime Lab and Education Lab are seeking a data scientist to work on our portfolio of projects applying machine learning to public policy, particularly in the area of improving policing and police-community relations. We’re seeking a smart, motivated, and detail-oriented person to work on all parts of our applied machine learning projects – all the way from cleaning and structuring raw data to developing predictive models and evaluating them in a randomized control trial.


Research Analyst (Social Network Analysis Specialty)

The UChicago Crime Lab and Education Lab are seeking Research Analysts with strong social network analysis and causal inference skills to work on large-scale social policy research projects designed to reduce crime and improve educational outcomes. The successful candidate will have experience in working with large administrative datasets, network analysis including applying network causal inference tools, and applying a variety of statistical modeling and data analysis techniques to datasets in real-world settings.


Program Director, CVI Leadership Academy

The University of Chicago Crime Lab is seeking an experienced Program Director who can support the launch of the Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy (CVILA). The Program Director will work closely with the Director of the CVILA and other members of the organization’s leadership team to ensure the success of this new initiative. The Program Director will provide strategic planning and fundraising support and be responsible for the program implementation of the CVILA. We seek applicants who have extensive program administration experience, as well as experience in strategic decision-making and organizational leadership.