Podcast Freakonomics Radio December 6, 2023

Do the Police Have a Management Problem?

Leaders and participants from the Crime Lab’s Policing Leadership Academy were featured on the latest Freakonomics Radio episode.

In this episode, Jens Ludwig and Freakonomics Radio host Stephen J. Dubner discussed our Policing Leadership Academy, the only police management and leadership training program in the country specifically designed to increase safety and fairness in America and the importance of using this as a tool for effective gun violence reduction.

Listen to the podcast here and below.

Other speakers featured in this podcast include:

  • Kenneth Corey, director of outreach and engagement for the Policing Leadership Academy at the University of Chicago and retired chief of department for the New York Police Department.
  • Stephanie Drescher, operations captain in the City of Madison Police Department.
  • Max Kapustin, assistant professor of economics and public policy at Cornell University.
  • Jens Ludwig, economist and director of the Crime Lab at the University of Chicago.
  • Sandy Jo MacArthur, curriculum design director for the Policing Leadership Academy at the University of Chicago.
  • Sean Malinowski, D.O.J. strategic site liaison for the Philadelphia Police Department and retired chief of detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • Sindyanna Paul-Noel, lieutenant with the City of Miami Police Department.
  • Michael Wolley, deputy chief of operations with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

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