Press Release UChicago Crime Lab May 1, 2023

University of Chicago Community Safety Leadership Academies Host First Cohort of Rising Police Leaders from Over 20 Departments Across America

Police leaders begin six-month leadership and management education program designed to improve community safety and reduce violence; first cohort of leaders serve cities comprising over 20% of homicides in America.

CHICAGO, IL – Today, the University of Chicago Community Safety Leadership Academies welcomed its first cohort of police leaders from police departments from across America. The leaders will begin a six-month education program on data-driven management, violence reduction, and community trust as part of the newly launched Policing Leadership Academy (PLA). The impacts of this ambitious leadership and management educational program will be measured and evaluated in the most rigorous possible way, to ensure it’s achieving its two interconnected goals: reducing violence and increasing policing fairness on the ground.

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